Mobilizing a global effort to deal with the ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Japan

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SEE: See what you can learn about what is really happening at Fukushima

SHARE:  Share with others information that is being withheld from the public…

TELL: Reach out and contact all levels of leadership—from congressional, state, and regional elected officials, to the organizations you belong to or may start—and demand that action be taken to insist that Japan has a duty to the international community to accept outside assistance in avoiding further damage to the environment.

Take Action

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Nuclear power and nuclear weapons are intrinsically connected since the material for making bombs is a byproduct of nuclear energy.  (As fuel is used up in certain reactors, it turns into weapons-grade plutonium.) Both industries hold tremendous sway over the political process.

Grassroots effort needed: We must keep in mind, when reaching out to and contacting our national elected “representatives,” that in many cases, they will be too fearful of the influence the US nuclear industry has to touch this issue (Sen. Ron Wyden from Oregon is a notable exception). Unless of course, they are confronted with evidence, and feel credible grassroots pressure on multiple levels to take action. So, while we also are in support of several online petition campaigns to legislators, we also need to reach out to local religious and community organizations. Whatever leadership there is needs to be enlisted and made to recognize that this is ultimately a critically urgent local issue.

State & National

An Emergency Resolution supporting U.S. Senator Ron Wyden’s call for international aid and assistance to Japan was passed by the California Democratic Party.

Take copies with you when meeting with your city, state, and nationally elected representatives.

(click images to download pdfs):

ENLIST your church or community organization
Membership in an organization means you already have a network that can be notified and enlisted to raise an outcry over the catastrophic impacts, and call for US and international engagement in solving the problem.  
(click image to download pdf):

City government: At the grassroots level, next step is to approach local government representatives (the lower on the corporate lobbying chain, the more likely it is that representatives will be able to adopt positions requesting action).  Here is a sample of language seeking a resolution/proclamation/or letter of endorsement from a city council

Petitions & Resolutions
Besides your voice as an individual citizen, the organizations you belong to should be alerted to the critical dangers of the situation, and pressured to call for action:

currently being “circulated” to legislators, governing bodies, etc., calling for investigations, assessments, and actions:

West Coast Senators: Investigate the ongoing danger from the Fukushima nuclear reactors

Petition to have the World/UN intervene in the Fukushima Nuclear disaster



It’s not difficult to find credible sources on the internet and learn about the current situation, both in Japan, and around the world. Go to our links page to check out the various places where you can get information about monitoring radiation leaking from Fukushima into the ocean, as well as the effect this disaster has had on nuclear programs in Europe, and around the world. For latest news, visit our Facebook page: Fukushima Response Campaign.

       Click here to go to the Info\Graphics page to see and download buttons, stickers, flyers and informational charts.

The sparse coverage by the corporate media regarding a situation as potentially catastrophic as Fukushima—even with the recent admission in Japan that the reactors were known to have been leaking radioactivity into the ocean ever since the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011—should be a subject of concern to everyone…

Once you understand the situation and know that there are many things that ought to be done ASAP, you’ll want to share that knowledge with others.

Do you have a contact with a legislator, or are you up for writing a letter to the editor, or calling in to a talk radio show? Do you “do” social media?

Here are some examples of how you can help spread the word: We need to bring the topic into the general public’s consciousness, and keep it there until there’s enough buzz/outrage to force public office holders to pay attention and take action. 

What’s going on

Knowledge of the danger, and steps that can be taken to fix it

Jackie B’s article in PeacePress

Talking points

Table at your next community event

Wear a button

Those in power … do your own research, and report up the chain of command!

Display a bumper sticker

Share links to our websites


Other petitions here

Letters to Editor & 
Public Service Announcements 
Your local newspaper is a good platform to raise awareness of the issue, as is your local public access tv station.
Call-ins on Radio
Call in with latest news, and then share a link to our website FukushimaResponse.org as a source for more information and actions to take.
Actions Bottom Line
Every effort we make to inform the public and our leaders contributes to the groundswell of pressure needed to compel international action to safeguard the global environment.
Social media
Share a link to our website on all your social media platforms:

Tell everyone...

Recent letter to the editor

Petition urging testing and monitoring radioactivity in our food and water

Some personal reflections

Clean up Fukushima or else

Two months since The Japan Times’ June 11 editorial “Cease promoting nuclear power,” things seem to have gotten alarmingly worse. The Japanese and the world community should come to terms with the hard reality that this island nation is the only one in human history to have suffered three nuclear disasters.

(click to read entire letter
by Japanese Sr. High
School student)

I'd love to take a minute to dig deeper into something I've been thinking about

when we talk about nuclear power, we're not just talking about generating the energy that lights your light bulbs, we're talking about the power that runs countries, starts wars, and amasses trillions of dollars for itself, to protect itself and grow more powerful

(click to read more)

To UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Prime Minister Noda: Stop the Next Nuclear Disaster!

Senator Wyden’s letter calling for U.S. and international assistance to Japan

President Obama, Secretary Kerry: Protect Our Communities - Fix Fukushima NOW!

An official Citizen’s Petition to the FDA has been filed to put important safeguards into motion (please copy this link to your browser to view petition ~ http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=FDA-2013-P-0291-0001) where your comments are welcome.

Please help support that effort by signing and sharing this SignOn companion petition widely. We must begin to know how much radiation is in the food we are serving our families, so we can decide what is safe to feed them. All protections in our food supply have been fought for and won. We can win this too.

Keep harmful radioactive waste out of our children's food, whether conventionally grown or organic! Say Bye Bye Becquerels!


Whitehouse: Intercede immediately in the Fukushima Nuclear crisis


The Reactor Suppliers Lawsuit


STOP FUKUSHIMA RADIATION- UN ACTION NEEDED—This is an urgent, escalating catastrophe that must be addressed ASAP.

Supporting documents—Proposals for international effort

United Nations General Assembly:  Here is a draft resolution proposing international aid and assistance on an EMERGENCY basis via the UN General Assembly.

further info and background material here:


United Nations Secretary-General:  17 international scientists and experts call on the UN Secretary-General to take EMERGENCY action.

more info here:


The World Community Must Take Charge at Fukushima
(Harvey Wasserman)


I challenge spiritual leaders from all faiths to consider what a further accident would mean not only to Japan, but to the world. From your traditions and teachings, how do you interpret the global crisis we face now and the legacy of our nuclear power and consequent contamination of our land and lives?

— Akio Matsumura
Akio’s blog

Demand All World’s Leaders’ Assessment of Fukushima

To UN:
Require Japan/TEPCO to Accept International Expert Oversight

Online Petitions

Recently adopted resolution: Fairfax CA

Click for 
more actionActions_files/West%20Coast%20Senators%20Petition_1.pdf


Recently adopted resolution: Berkeley CA

(click images to download pdfs):

Stop Japan's Fukushima State Secrets Act!


New “Level 8” Nuclear Disaster

(click for .pdf)

(click for .doc)

Declare Japan's Fukushima Meltdowns a “Level 8”
Nuclear Disaster

Current Actions

What you can do as a citizen (suggestions & resources below):


to take to your City Council, State Legislature, or organization to push for an international response!


our campaign launched at the
2014 Climate March (NYC)
to declare Fukushima a new

“Level 8” nuclear disaster and
require an
international response!

Stop Fukushima Freeways!
The Stop Fukushima Freeways Campaign shows the perils of the massive and unnecessary radioactive waste transportation that would occur across the U.S. if the moribund and scientifically-indefensible Yucca Mountain, Nevada waste dump were to be revived...



California’s own potential “Fukushima”